Patient Group

Patient Liaison Group welcomes New Members

If you have sat in the waiting room at Burvill House Surgery you are likely to have thought to yourself “Why do they do things this way?” or “What goes on behind the counter?” or even “Why don’t they …?”

You may be able to help answer these questions for yourself and others.  The clinical and administrative staff are always looking to improve the way that they work with their patients and there is an opportunity now to give them a hand.  The Patient Liaison Group has been set up with the explicit aim to bring the staff and the patients together to make the running of the surgery more understandable and really geared to achieving the best possible results for everyone.

NHS Friends and Family

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Would you like to think about being a part of this conversation?  There are vacancies in the group and we are looking for people who represent every sort of patient, whatever their background, gender or experience. The group meets monthly on Zoom or you can be part of our virtual group of patients to:

  • Support the surgery in whatever ways we can, such as volunteer marshalling
  • Receive and pass on information to patients from the surgery and the wider NHS
  • Feedback patient views to the surgery and the wider NHS

Over to you.  Your suggestions on improving the practice, and things you need to know are welcome. We will only be in touch once a month, unless it is urgent, but we are also looking to increase our virtual group mailing list. You can join us by attending our monthly Zoom meetings or just be part of our virtual group where we send you regular surgery updates by email and you can respond to these if you feel you have relevant information or suggestions.

If you or any other Burvill patients who would be interested please get in touch by sending us an email at .   If you would like to be removed from the mail list just reply “no more mail thanks” to this mail